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“Slot Bowl”, par Eliza Au (2019)


IAC Member Lectures


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Eliza Au

Lecture Title: “The Mark of the Machine: Merging Authenticity and Replication”
Alchemy: materials and transformations, ceramics

Because technology is adept at skill and replication, authenticity is redefined as how one re-mixes, combines and modifies objects, images or patterns. Digital fabrication has been used to replicate historical objects and patterns, creating ambiguity around the identity of the maker and provenance of the object. In her presentation, Eliza Au examines how digital fabrication challenges the ideas of individual expression, skilled handwork and cultural authenticity.

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Dr. Shabanali Ghorbani

Lecture Title: “The Metaverse of Clay: Material in an Immaterial World”
Appropriation: art, applied arts, history

In his lecture, Shabanali Ghorbani addresses the issue of materiality in the virtual age or immaterial world related to ceramic art and design and production. He investigates and observes the effects of these new virtual parallel worlds and simulated environments and their devices and tools.

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Boo Yun Lee

Lecture Title: “A Study on the Importance of Ceramic Art Activities for the Social Development in the World”
Contexts: local perceptions of the theme “Melting Pot”

The study states that art could devote to change societies as melting pots, introducing ceramic art activities for social contribution, world peace and social stability. In her lecture, Professor Boo Yun Lee explores the contributions and social influences of art, the possibilities of ceramic art projects for disadvantaged peoples, and ceramic exhibitions and programmes for the world as a melting pot.

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Joëlle Swanet

Lecture Title: “Alchemy 2.0 = influencer?”
Alchemy: materials and transformations, ceramics

Teaching ceramic technology cannot be limited to chemistry and geology. In her presentation, Joëlle Swanet argues for a holistic transmission: a structured melting pot including environmental, social and labour protection issues. She observes that informed learners often opt for voluntary simplicity in the workshop, and that this chosen sobriety increases their creativity tenfold. Others will explore all possibilities, having learned to protect themselves and to be eco-responsible.

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Dr. Ronnie Watt

Lecture Title: “The Expression of Identity within a Multi-ethnic/Multi-cultural Society as can be read in South African Ceramics”
Contexts: local perceptions of the theme “Melting Pot”

A distinctive feature of South African ceramic art is the exploration and expression of identity within a multi-cultural society. Contemporary ceramics reveal the practice of cultural referencing to be a conscious engagement with issues of identities, values and meanings which are expressed as complex symbolism and metaphor in the visual vocabulary.

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Adil Writer

Lecture Title: “Golden Bridges”
Identities in movement: anthropology

In Indian ceramics, if ever there was a melting pot in the true sense of the word, it would be Golden Bridge Pottery. Tracing back the global spread of Golden Bridge Pottery from its origin with Ray Meeker and Deborah Smith in 1969, Adil Writer retells the rich history of GBP who has been teaching, training, inspiring generations of clay artists, local and international, for over five decades.

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Guangzhen Zhou

Lecture Title: “Cultures without Boundaries – the Similarities and Differences”
Identities in movement: anthropology

In his lecture, Guangzhen ZHOU explores the similarities and differences between ceramic cultures and traces the intertwining paths of their development. The intersection of civilizations is according to him like the flow of water and the circulation of air.

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Dr. Tetiana Zinenko

Lecture Title: “Contemporary Ceramics in Ukraine: National Identity and Presence of Art”
Contexts: local perceptions of the theme “Melting Pot”

The presentation gives a brief historical overview of the formation and development of ceramic art in Ukraine, artistic ceramics, training, museums and scientific institutions, as well as symposia dedicated to ceramics; it analyses the creativity of certain contemporary ceramic artists and their innovative reflections on current events. Particular attention is paid to the conservation of ceramic works and collections in the context of Russian military aggression against Ukraine.

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The Geneva 2022 Congress will address notions related to the "melting pot".

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The 2022 Congress features various exhibitions alongside the conferences in partnership with local and national institutions.

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