Virtual exhibitions


Virtual Exhibitions


To supplement the exhibitions scattered around Geneva, the 50th IAC Congress features two virtual member exhibitions: the “Members’ Best Exhibition” and “The Age of Influence: North American Artist Members Exhibition”.

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IAC Members’ Best Exhibition


The Members’ Best 2022 Online Exhibition represents the culmination of a long evolution of showing IAC member works over the last 70 years. Originally, when the membership was much smaller, international exhibitions of ceramic works could be more easily organised, and early IAC shows pioneered the display of diversity in ceramic cultures (1960’s “World Cultural Exchange,” for example, brought together work from 23 nations). As the organisation grew, so did the exhibitions, but also the complexity of the organisational challenges. By the early 2000’s, with a membership that had grown enormously, members from all over the world were bringing with them small works to be displayed during the biennial congress. 

Today, after the first entirely virtual congress of 2021, the IAC has decided to experiment with an online exhibition format. This format has numerous advantages: it is open to members who are unable to physically travel to Geneva, it can be viewed by people all over the world, and offers ceramic artists of all kinds, from those who make small vessels to those who create mammoth installations, an equal opportunity to share their work. 

The early developers of the IAC were never interested in simply promoting the work of individual members, but in building bridges between cultures through the universal medium of clay. Long before the network of the Internet, the IAC sought to develop a network of artists, not for the goal of self-aggrandisement, but for the goal of cultural understanding. Rare in the professional art world, this tradition continues today in the Members’ Best exhibition, and benefits enormously from the new online format.

In order to accommodate all the artists, the work has been divided into two galleries, “A” and “B”. Links to each are below:

> Gallery A

> Gallery B

> Complete List of Participants




The Age of Influence: North American Artist Members Exhibition


Curator: Ray Chen

The Age of Influence: North American Artist Members Exhibition is celebrating its 50th Congress, 70 years of International Academy of Ceramics since 1952. It includes the USA, Canada, Puerto Rico, and Jamaica reflecting the critical measure and influence of the IAC given the extraordinary professional output of its members. It provides an expanded connection, a critical vision and an archive of North American achievements within the International Academy of Ceramics at this remarkable time.  We commemorate and memorialize our shared ceramic histories and artistic cultural continuity of the IAC, especially since our history has inspired resilience and celebration.  Also, we attest to artistic movement and change and other forms of explorations that have lingering legacies and take new forms which have elevated our motivation and vision as a body.

The IAC 50th North American Artist Members Exhibition, “The Age of Influence,” is the first of its kind online visual and technological exhibition.  It combines contemporary hybrid technology with virtual display to enrich the aesthetic experience and is equally rewarding in reality for future presentations.

> Exhibition


The 2022 Congress features various exhibitions alongside the conferences in partnership with local and national institutions.

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EXHIBITIONS: IAC and swissceramics

The Ariana Museum is devoting three exhibitions to the IAC. swissceramics is organising a national exhibition at two venues - the Château de Nyon and the Musée d'art et d'histoire de Neuchâtel.

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EXHIBITIONS: Galleries and art spaces

The art scene in Geneva and the surrounding area is working hard to offer a programme alongside the 2022 IAC Congress that is rich in diversity and talent.

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EXHIBITIONS: Young ceramics

Swiss training schools and higher education institutions are showing great enthusiasm for ceramics amount young people in Switzerland.

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EXHIBITIONS: Museums and institutions

Many Swiss museums and institutions are joining the 50th IAC Congress.

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