EXHIBITIONS: Museums and institutions

Vue de l’exposition RAVING COSMO – LISA LURATI, 2021, CACY / © photo Claude Cortinovis


Museums and institutions


Many Swiss museums and institutions are joining the 50th IAC Congress. This is an opportunity to explore a rich array of art and ceramic exhibitions.

* Please note that the information on this page is subject to modifications and updates.

Fondation Baur, Musée des arts d’Extrême-Orient


14.09.2022 – 12.02.2023

“The secret of colours, Chinese and European ceramics from the 18th century to today”

Curator: Pauline d’Abrigeon

In the field of ceramics, colour has been the subject of a quest, sometimes long and tedious, but often a source of unprecedented emulation. This exhibition tells the tumultuous story of this quest for colour in China and France. It compares two key moments in the history of porcelain in China and Europe, both of which were characterised by the desire to extend the palette of enamels: the turn of the 18th century in China and the 19th century in France, two periods during which Franco-Chinese exchanges were particularly intense. The last part of the exhibition opens on more contemporary research on colour through the presentation of works by Fance Franck and Thomas Bohle.

On the agenda: Guided tours for all ages, workshops on copper and porcelain glazes, a series of lectures on the symbolism of colours, the development of the enamelled palette on ceramics in Europe and China and much more.

Tue-Sun 2pm-6pm
(Every other Wednesday open until 8pm)

Rue Munier-Romilly 8
CH- 1206 Geneva
Between Plainpalais and Rive, easily accessible by public transport TPG.



Fondation Bruckner – Centre céramique


17.09.2022 – 25.09.2022

“Parcours Céramique Carougeois / Materia prima: Ceramic alchemical art”

Curator: Emilie Fargues

The upcoming PCC will be part of the satellite events
organised on the occasion of the 50th Congress of the IAC. The central subject of the Congress will be Melting pot: from the Alchemical Crucible to the Cultural Melting Pot. In order to highlight this synergy, the Fondation Bruckner has decided to focus the programme of the 17th edition of the PCC around the question of the existing relationship between alchemy and ceramics. Indeed, ceramics is often referred to as an alchemical discipline. Alchemy and ceramics are both about the refinement of materials and their transformation to give birth to new ones. But not only that –they also entail a pursuit; the quest of the absolute, of the elevation of those who practice them.

Featuring the works of Natalia Abramishvili, Arnold Annen, Jean-Paul Azaïs, Tatiana Boïko, Emmanuel Boos, Sylvie Enjalbert, Violette Fassbaender, Anne-Sophie Guerinaud, Tami Izko, Julie Lamarins, Anne Larouzé, Claire Lindner, Ícaro Maiterena, Aline Morvan, Evrim Ozkan Yazici, Unurgent Argilla, Laurin Schaub, Ingrid Van Munster, Irene Venetsanou, Alice Walton, and Monique Wuarin.

On the agenda: Demonstrations, lectures, children and family workshops, performances, guided tours and more.

The event is completely free of charge.

Mon-Fri 11am-6:30pm
Sat-Sun 11am-5pm

19 exhibition venues in Carouge.




La Ferme des Tilleuls


02.09.2022 – 18.12.2022

“MATERIA, Textile and ceramic mutations”

Curators: Chantal Bellon, Jessica Mondego, Michèle Rochat, Clotilde Wuthrich

This collective exhibition of ceramic and textile arts, MATERIA, asks questions about the categories of fine and decorative arts and the distinction often made between them. It opens a dialogue between works from the contemporary scene with those from a pioneering period in the history of applied arts in Switzerland. MATERIA exhibits textile and ceramic works by contemporary Swiss artists Victor Ausländer, Estelle Bourdet, Laure Gonthier, Maya Hottarek, Lucie Kohler, Xénia Laffely, Julie Monot and Jeanne-Odette, as well as historical pieces by Edouard Chapallaz, Aline Favre and Philippe Lambercy. Echoing Danielle Jacqui’s ceramic work ORGANuGAMME II installed at La Ferme des Tilleuls, MATERIA also presents a selection of this Outsider artist’s clothing, in an exhibition by photographer Estelle Hanania.

Featuring the works of Victor Ausländer, Estelle Bourdet, Laure Gonthier, Maya Hottarek, Lucie Kohler, Xénia Laffely, Julie Monot, Jeanne-Odette, Danielle Jacqui, Estelle Hanania, Edouard Chapallaz, Aline Favre and Philippe Lambercy.

Opening: 01.09.2022

On the agenda: Guided tours, ceramic and textile creation workshops, screenings, meetings with artists, scientific meals.

Wed-Sun 11am-6pm

Rue de Lausanne 52
CH- 1020 Renens
A short walk from the Renens train station, accessible from Geneva by SBB train.


Vue de La Ferme des Tilleuls. Photo: Matthieu Gafsou

Maison Tavel (MAH)


02.09.2022 – 08.01.2023

“Imprints. Building in ceramic”

Curators: Alexandre Fiette, in collaboration with Béatrice Blandin

Bricks, tiles of all kind and pipes are all common ceramic elements used in construction that draw from diverse ancestral skills. Whether discovered in Geneva or brought back from faraway lands, whether fired in a Gallo-Roman kiln or cast in a twentieth century factory, terracotta elements have for a long time been considered for their documentary value. Yet studies reveal important technological innovations, vast trade circuits and the presence of workshops whose productions were marked by stamps or finger-made signatures. Certain pieces even immortalize fleeting moments, like the chance imprint of a dog’s paw or goat’s foot in the still soft clay. Brought together at the Maison Tavel, these architectural ceramics from different times are viewed from both a functional and aesthetic angle.

On the agenda: Guided tours Sundays at 2:30pm

Tue-Sun 11am-6pm

Rue du Puits-Saint-Pierre 6
CH- 1204 Geneva
In the centre of the old town of Geneva, easily accessible by public transport TPG.



Musée Barbier-Mueller


30.03.2022 – 02.10.2022

“The Barbier-Mueller Museum & Jacques Kaufmann, ceramic artist. Spaces and Similarities.”

Curators: Jacques Kaufmann and Laurence Mattet

This project is built around the meeting of pieces from Africa, Asia, Oceania, the Americas and various ancient civilizations from the Barbier-Mueller collections and the works of Jacques Kaufmann. Attempting to identify similarities – as well as differences -, this exhibition juxtaposes works of diverse origins, time periods and materials, inviting the visitor to recreate his or her own correspondences and to enrich the proposed resonances.

On the agenda: Presentation of the exhibition by Jacques Kaufmann (13.09.2022, 7pm to 8pm)

Every day 11am-5pm

Rue Jean Calvin 10
CH- 1204 Geneva
In the centre of the old town of Geneva, easily accessible by public transport TPG.



Visarte Vaud, Centre d’art contemporain Yverdon-les-Bains, Musée d’Yverdon et région


11.09.2022 – 06.11.2022

“Melting Pot or how to turn lead into gold”

Curator: Patricia Glave

The Visarte Vaud association, the Centre d’art contemporain Yverdon-les-Bains and the Musée d’Yverdon et région present an exhibition of visual arts bringing together artists from diverse backgrounds. They will present installations, sculptures, poems and performances. A collection of historical pieces will accompany contemporary works. Melting Pot – or the crucible of cultures – is a mix of artists who express themselves with clay; visual artists or ceramists with different backgrounds, techniques and expressions but with one link: Ceramics.

Featuring the works of Adrien Chevalley, Flynn Maria Bergmann, Fabien Clerc, Louis Clerc, Laure Gonthier, Christian Gonzenbach, Shannon Guerrico, Lucie Kohler, Alexandre Loye, Keiko Machida, Myriam Mechita, Agathe Naito, Noémie Niderhauser, Charlotte Nordin, Sandrine Pelletier, Guillaume Pilet, Michèle Rochat & Emanuelle Klaefiger, François Ruegg, Daniel Ruggiero and Maude Schneider.

Opening: 10.09.2022
On the agenda: Guided tours for various audiences, conferences, meetings with the artists, creative workshops, artistics performances.

Thur 12pm-8pm
Fri-Sun 12pm-6pm

Centre d’art contemporain Yverdon-les-Bains (CACY)
Place Pestalozzi
CH- 1400 Yverdon-les-Bains

Website (CACY)

Wed-Sun 11am-6pm

Musée d’Yverdon et région (MYR)
Le Château
CH- 1401 Yverdon-les-Bains

Located in the centre of Yverdons-les-Bains, accessible from Geneva by SBB train.

Website (MYR)


The 2022 Congress features various exhibitions alongside the conferences in partnership with local and national institutions.

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