EXHIBITIONS: Young ceramics

Vue de la galerie LiveInYourHead. Photo: Head–Genève, Michel Giesbrecht.


Young ceramics


Within the framework of the 50th IAC Congress, Swiss training schools and higher education institutions are showing great enthusiasm for ceramics amount young people in Switzerland. During the week of the Congress, there is an opportunity to discover the talent of young ceramists in training.

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13.09.2022 – 22.09.2022

“PLATFORM 2022 – the excellence of Swiss ceramic education”

Curator: Fabien Clerc

PLATFORM is an annual exhibition that reflects and promotes the excellence of Swiss ceramic training. On this occasion, the best graduation works (TPI/CFC) from the three Swiss training schools (Bern-SFGB, Vevey-CEPV and Geneva-CFPArts) are presented. This year, the exhibition will be held at the Cheminée Nord art space, located in the heart of the Usine Kugler, one of Geneva’s most important alternative cultural sites. The event is part of the double ceramic festivities of the fall: the IAC Jubilee and the Parcours Céramique Carougeois.

On the agenda: Guided tours by the students

Tue-Fri 3pm-7pm
Sat-Sun 12pm-5pm

Espace Cheminée Nord
4bis, rue de la Truite
CH- 1205 Geneva
Located in the Jonction district, easily accessible by public transport TPG.


13.09.2022 – 23.09.2022

“Stir the Pot! Collaborative project of the ceramic classes of Vevey, Bern and Geneva.”

Curator: Fabien Clerc

As part of the various festivities linked to the IAC jubilee, the three Swiss professional ceramics training centres devised and created a collaborative project in the form of inter-school exchanges. This project took place over a year with 24 third-year students from the schools of Vevey, Bern  and Geneva. In the end, eight projects/installations were presented at this exhibition, which took place in the CFPArts exhibition hall in Geneva.

On the agenda: Guided tours by the students of the Ceramics section – Geneva.

Mon-Fri 12pm-5:30pm

Salle d’exposition du CFPArts
Rue Necker 2
CH- 1201 Geneva
A short walk from Cornavin main station, easily accessible by public transport TPG.



LiveInYourHead | HEAD – Genève


13.09.2022 – 15.10.2022

“ECART – Resonating Ceramics – from 20 Hz to 1280°C”

Curators: Caroline Andrin, Frédéric Bauchet, Laurent Berger, Ondine Bréaud, Magdalena Gerber, Mathieu Schmitt

The exhibition Resonating Ceramics – from 20 Hz to 1250°C presents the work of four art schools, produced as part of the research-creation project ECART – European Ceramic Art and Research Team. In pairs, the students explored the relationship between ceramic material and sound, while linking their project to the notion of ritual. While their work places great emphasis on formal experimentation, it also calls upon acoustics, sociology and anthropology. Utilitarian objects, symbolic objects, performative objects, the pieces play with these categories by blurring visual and sound perception. Technically innovative and aesthetically fruitful, this first LiveInYourHead performance is supported by the EU’s Erasmus + programme, which is accompanying the project.

On the agenda: Conference, guided tours, performances

Wed-Sat 2pm-7pm

HEAD – Genève
Bd James-Fazy 15
CH-1201 Geneva
A short walk from Cornavin main station, easily accessible by public transport TPG.



The 2022 Congress features various exhibitions alongside the conferences in partnership with local and national institutions.

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The Ariana Museum is devoting three exhibitions to the IAC. swissceramics is organising a national exhibition at two venues - the Château de Nyon and the Musée d'art et d'histoire de Neuchâtel.

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EXHIBITIONS: Galleries and art spaces

The art scene in Geneva and the surrounding area is working hard to offer a programme alongside the 2022 IAC Congress that is rich in diversity and talent.

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Many Swiss museums and institutions are joining the 50th IAC Congress.

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